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Kings unveil NBL23 Indigenous Round jerseys

25 Nov
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For the second straight year, the Sydney Kings will wear jerseys designed by Stewart James during the NBL's annual Indigenous Round.

For the second straight year, the Sydney Kings will wear jerseys designed by Stewart James during the NBL's annual Indigenous Round.

The Hoops Capital side's NBL23 Indigenous jerseys have the same EORA (pronounced E-or-a) design as last season but will have a red ochre primary colour instead of charcoal black - as the former has a strong identity for Aboriginal people.

"Continuing the design was a part of the original conversations with the Kings," Wiradjuri Man of the Narrandera Murrumbidgee River People Stewart James said.


"We wanted to demonstrate some consistency and promote this design in a way that shows it isn’t just a one-and-done relationship.

"Red ochre has a very important place within Aboriginal culture, as it is used for ceremonies that hold great significance.

"We decided to promote the red ochre because of its importance within the design, but it accidentally became popular because this layout was used as last season's warm-up shirt.

"Due to the positive feedback about how good they looked, we decided it was a good fit."

The centrepiece of the EORA jersey art is the white meeting circle (behind the player’s number), while the borders of the design are represented through the dot designs and lines that start from the neck and reach down to the bottom of the jersey - a layout and initiative James takes great pride in.

"This was already a highlight of my art journey and equally a highlight of my life," said James, who explained EORA is the area where the harbour city side train and play their matches.

"Sharing my culture in this way is truly a blessing and I am very grateful to be doing this again.

"That’s the part I love, the ongoing relationship is very important to me."

Stewart went on to reiterate his important the NBL's Indigenous round is for his culture.

"We are in a time now where the history of this country is being acknowledged and the truth-telling is becoming more and more recognised," said Stewart, whose Indigenous design also features in the Kings home and away kit in NBL23,

"Platforms like this help celebrate and promote Indigenous culture and those players who have broken through some of the barriers that sometimes prevent our mob from success.

"While we promote and celebrate those great outcomes, it also attracts the public’s attention to the stories which now have a voice and a narrative for change."

The Kings' NBL23 Indigenous jerseys will go on sale on Wednesday, November 30 via here.

Sydney will host Tasmania as part of the Indigenous Round (spanning from rounds 10-12) on Sunday, December 11 at Qudos Bank Arena - with tickets available here.


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