Featured News / February 16th, 2017

Stand Tall All Stars challenge the Sydney Kings

The Sydney Kings hosted the Stand Tall All Stars recently, treating them to an ‘out of reach’ opportunity in preparation for the Newington Classic, where they won 3 of their 5 games despite a short preparation. Click here for a full wrap of the tournament.

The All Stars team is made up of youth aged from 13 to 17 from diverse cultural backgrounds including – Nigerian/Maltese, Indian, Syrian, Burmese, Vietnamese/Chinese, Maori, Sierra Leone, and Sudanese. They haven’t played together for long but are already forming a bond which is becoming stronger every day both on and off the court with the consistent emphasis on inclusiveness, team attitude and mutual respect of the team.

The Stand Tall All Stars didn’t just watch the Kings training session, as you’ll see in this video.



Charity Bounce is a not for profit organisation that exists to inspire positive change to overcome disadvantage for individuals and communities. With a focus on Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders and Culturally Diverse communities, including newly arrived refugees we aim to move people toward a more positive future through the development of sports, the arts, health, education and employment focused social programs. The programs are delivered in partnership with professional athletes to motivate change and inspire.


Dion Prewster with stand tall winner 2 best shot compressed


group shot standing tall incl andrew gaze compressed



Powell wide shot group Stand Tall compressed


POwell charity bounce compressed