Featured News / September 13th, 2016

Meet more of your Sydney Kings cheerleaders!

Meet the Harlequins – your Sydney Kings cheerleaders! As promised, here’s part two of our series that goes backstage to meet the ladies as they wind up for a big season. And stay posted to SydneyKings.com because there will be more interviews to come.

The Full squad:

Tiarna Bezzina, Alex Saunders, Stephanie Buncombe, Brooke Murray, Emma Nicotra, Natalie Thow, Jia Hoelzl, Gabriella Kousoulas, Catty Hamilton, Danielle Spencer, Helena Brunhoj, Bree Moore, Kati Manning, Kristy Edwards, Jessica Gallimore, Lisa Carter, Nicole Shiels, Sara Andriejunis, Nevena Tepic, Kirsty Lee Allan, Bronte Carfino, Leah Baker

Compressed cheerleader group action photo



Alex action shot comrpessed


compressed Tiana camera on her













group shot in front of camera compressed