Featured News / January 29th, 2017

The full story – Finding Ida – with video!

After a six and a half year wait Jason Cadee & Ida Wertere were finally reunited after the Kings huge win over the New Zealand Breakers on Sunday afternoon.



Also enjoy this great gallery of photos.


tripp cadee ida photo 5

Jason and Ida embrace for the first time since the accident in 2010

tripp cadee ida photo 3 compressed

Jason, Ida and a handful of the 47 family and friends she brought to the game!

tripp cadee ida photo 1 compressed

Jason presenting Ida with her very own Cadee jersey

tripp cadee ida photo 2 compressed

The media have been fascinated by the reunion story, being interviewed by Fox Sports' Abbey Gelmi



Cadee pelvis xray car crash photo

This X-ray shows the metal pins used to repair Jason's shattered pelvis

Cadee car crash accident photoJason's car after the accident in July, 2010